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Various parts currently in stock at our works IJmuiden

MITSUBISHI High Torque Hydraulic Motor

3 pcs. Unused (New) High Torque Hydraulic Motor

Type: RMC-350A-L-22Y

              • Original made by Mitsubishi
              • Assembly I
              • Packed in wooden crate (ISPM-15)

IMAG0271 (Medium)300x225     IMAG0286s (Medium)300x225

IMAG0267 (Medium)300x225     IMAG027a1 (Medium)300x225

IMAG0282 300x225     IMAG0286 (Medium)300x225

GEA Plate Heatexchangers

2 pcs. Unused (New) GEA plate heat exchanger

Type: GEA NT 250S B-10

              • Plate material AISI : 304 :total 199 pcs
              • NBR Gaskets
              • Packed wooden crate (ISPM-15)
              • from stock

DSC05605     DSC05600

DSC05599     DSC05595

\DSC05597     DSC05596     DSC05602



1 pce/ Unused (New) Starting Air Motor

Type: SS800 Series

              • Model no: SS825GC03L92-1740
              • Minimun RPM: 2000
              • Minimum Torque: 50 ft/lb
              • Rotation: left
              • Including Starter Test Certificate
              • Packed wooden box (ISPM-15)
              • from stock

DSC05843     DSC05848

Specifications: Scource INGERSOLL RAND

Brochure SS8000 Series


2 pcs. Unused (New) ELWA Elektro-Wärme, München Cooling Water Pre-Heaters
  • Type : DKW 7-6
  • Heating Capacity: 54 MT /kW
  • 3/PE 440 / 2x 1,6kW 60HZ
  • placed on skit, ready to install onboard

2013-07-05 13.01.48     2013-07-05 13.01.35

2013-07-05 13.00.41     2013-07-05 13.00.27

2013-07-05 13.01.01     2013-07-05 13.00.52


2013-07-05 13.01.48    2013-07-05 13.01.18

Exhaust Valve Grinding Machines

Yamashina Seiki Co., LTD.

New and Type: B+W L / S 70 MC
YASEC Exhaust Valve Spindle & Seat Grinding Machines
For onboard grinding of your used exhaust valve spindles and seats

Grinding machine
The ultimate tool for grinding your Nimonic 80 A valve spindles with valve seats, helping your engine room crew with a safe way to grind these to perfection without hours of manual labor.

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