Industrial Repairs

van west-holland b.v. also does custom Industrial Repairs for it’s customers

Due to the high level of expertise build up over the years and passed on three generations, the people from van west-holland b.v. are specialized in a wide variety of custom repairs

Reconditioning of a KRUPP Dredging Pump

Parts for the job

1 300x225     3 300x225     2 300x225     4 300x225     5 300x225

Pre Heating of bearing

The new SKF bearings are heated with induction technology to 120 degrees Celsius / 248 degrees Fahrenheit to enlarge it’s diameter

This is necessary for it to clear the axle during the install.
When the bearing is in place, coolingdown will commence, resulting in a tight and firm fit on the axle.

8 300x225     100 300x225     101 300x225

Installation of one bearing on the axle

After pre heating of the bearing it’s hoisted with its specialy made platform

With only a few mm of space between the bearing and the axle, the bearing is dropped into it’s final position.
This needs to be done fast, as if the bearing cools fast it’s diameter schrinks with a possibility that the bearing gets stuck somewhere halfway down the axle.

102 300x225     103 300x225     104 300x225     105 300x225     106 300x225     107 300x225     108 300x225

Pre Heating of bush

The bush is heated by hand, because its from a stainless steel material

Induction heating is not possible because induction needs carbon as a conductor.
Stainless steel contains no carbon.
94 300x225     96 300x225     95 300x225

Installation of one bush

Managing by hand the bush is carefully lowered into position on the axle

After coolingdown this will result in a tight fit around the axle
97 300x225     98 300x225     99 300x225

Installation of the axle

The axle with bearings and bushes gets lowered into its casing

Final Product ready for shipment

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