YANMAR N21L / N21AL – Currently in stock van West-Holland B.V. IJmuiden

Cylinder Block/Frame, Crankshaft, Connecting rods, Cylinder liners, Cylinder heads. Original Yanmar – Japan, obtained from shipowners surplus stock. We keep diesel engine spare parts in stock in IJmuiden – The Netherlands. We have a full industrial workshop for reconditioning of spare parts in IJmuiden.

F) Cylinder Liner (2)     F) Cylinder Liner (3)     C) Piston 04

Number: Parts: Codebook page
Cylinder / Engine block 747673-01561-C
Crankshafts 747673-21700-C
Crankshafts 747673-21710-C
Crankshafts 747673-21730-C
Crankshafts 747673-21740-C
Crankshafts 747673-21750-C
Crankshafts 747673-21760-C
Cylinder liners 147673-01151-C
Connecting rods 747673-23010-C
Connecting rods 147673-23150
Piston assembly’s 147674-22450-C
Piston Pins 147673-22350
Cylinder heads / covers 747674-11702-C
Lubricating oil pump 747673-32100
Cooling water pump High temperature 747673-32100
Turbo charger RH-163-Y 147674-18110
Woodwart govenor 758510-61460
Camshaft 147674-14110 or 14120
Lub. Oil cooler
Fuel valve nozzles

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H) injectors     Cylinder Head (1)